Extract Audios from Videos (lossless) FREE

Extract Audios from Videos (lossless) FREE

Extract Audios from Videos (lossless) FREE

Use this tool to separate videos to Video + Audios (lossless), Extract audios from videos.


How does it work?
Drag/Drop video file or use the Add Video File button to add a video file. to start extraction click the Separate Video and Audio(s) button. Sample Situation 1
Video1.mp4 (has Audio1.m4a audio stream) = out.mp4 (soundless) + Audio1.m4a

Sample Situation 2
Video1.mp4 (English + Turkish audio streams) = out.mp4 (soundless) + English.m4a + Turkish.m4a
if the Extract only Audio Streams is checked
Video1.mp4 (English + Turkish audio streams) = English.m4a + Turkish.m4a
NOTE: to extract audios from videos to different audio formats (mp3, m4a, wav, ogg, wma, flac...) use the Audio Converter tab."

  • FREEWARE (no toolbar, no ads)(You can make a small donation)
  • Video to Audio converter
  • Video to MP3 converter
  • Audio Extractor
  • Video separator
  • 32bit or 64bit
  • OS:Windows 8, 8.1, 7, Vista ve XP+SP3 32/64bit
  • Language:Turkish and English

Video to MP3 converter, Video to Audio converter, Audio Extractor, Video to audio separator, Video separator

All in one application

Download YouTbe Downloader Free (v9.2.0)

DOWNLOAD (Portable Zip)

BUY ($9 or $1/month on Patreon)

REQUIREMENTS: .NET Framework 4.8

PLATFORMS: Minimum OS version is Windows 7+ (8, 8.1, 10, 11)

FALSE POSITIVE PROBLEM: Please keep in mind that, sometimes Anti-virus programs falsely detect my applications as harmful. Because my applications are not signed with EV code signing certificate (I DO NOT HAVE BUDGET for EV code signing certificate, it costs around 750$/year) You can support me on patreon to raise money for EV certificate. Thank you.
PROOF: I reported "false positive" and got response: "ThreatLab re-analyzed your files and based on the findings the detection was removed. The file is now marked as clean" Here is the full report

How does it work? | Nasıl kullanılır?

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