Photo Downloader Free | Image downloader Free


Photo Downloader Free | Image downloader Free

Photo Downloader Free | Image downloader Free

Download images or files form websites automatically, Image downloader Bot

  • FREEWARE (no toolbar, no ads)(You can make a small donation)
  • The most prominent feature is smart link tracking engine: With this engine you can download any images (outer linked) on any websites. Some websites put images on different websites to prevent download managers from downloadig them (download managers ignore outer linked images (on different websites))
  • You can download all images on a website (it searches for images on entire website like a bot), or download images on a single web page or list of web pages.
  • up to 20 parallel downloads
    Note: Some websites do not allow parallel downloads. They return error messages such as 503 server unavailable or Internal Server Error in such cases you should drop parallel download count to 1.
  • On 64-bit OS four image downloader and one single page image downloader, On 32-bit OS two image downloader and one single page image downloader You can download up to four website simultaneously.
  • Single page downloader allows users to download image on web pages by adding list of web page links (syou can add millions of links on same or different websites) and you can download image galleries with this tool.
  • You can add image size filter to donwload or skip small file size images by entering minimum image file size value (e.g 100KB).
  • You can add image resolution filter to donwload or skip small resolution images by entering minimum image resolution value (e.g 600x400 px).
  • You can add image link filter by using URL contains or URL not contains options to download or skip images.
  • Use URL cache option to keep tracking founded urls. This prevent duplicate images by skipping already downloaded images. This is very useful when downloading multiple website simultaneously by using separate downloaders.
  • it can handle millions of image links like a bot
  • 32bit or 64bit
  • OS:Windows 8, 8.1, 7, Vista ve XP+SP3 32/64bit
  • Language:Turkish and English

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All in one application

Download Application by using one of the buttons below (v9.2.0)

You can support future development of applications by making a donation or Upgrading to advanced versions. You can Pay/Donate with your PAYPAL account or with your Credit Card, Thank you!

Requirements: Windows 7 or later, .NET Framework 4.8

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