Subtitle Maker for Music Videos (freeware)


Subtitle Maker for Music Videos (freeware)

Subtitle Maker for Music Videos Subtitle Maker for Music Videos screenshot Sample Music Videos with subtitle Sample Music Videos with subtitle

One of the main feature of the Kripto video protector & Media Player is allowing you to create subtitle (*.srt) from asynchronous lyrics for your music videos, or synchronous lyrics file (*.lrc) for your audio files.


  1. Drag/drop a video or audio file on the program, or use related buttons to open media file
  2. Add asynchronous lyrics from text file (drag/drop it), or click the Search Google for lyrics button to search asynchronous lyrics on the internet select and copy lyrics, click to Paste asynchronous lyrics button to add lyrics.
  3. When you click the !!! CLICK THIS LINE TO START !!! line, media starts to play, and try to click subtitle line from the list as soon as you hear it.
  4. When you finish making subtitle, use the Save subtitle (*.srt) button to save it. Subtitle file will be saved near the video file, e.g. video file Katy Perry - Roar.mp4 and subtitle file will be Katy Perry -
  5. You can test subtitle with video by using the Preview subtitle button.
  6. You should watch the sample usage video below.

Sample usage of Making subtitle for your music videos

Download Application by using one of the buttons below (v4.8.5)

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Requirements: Windows XP or later, .NET Framework 4.0 (32-bit/64-bit)

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