PPMF file (Password Protected media File)


PPMF file (Password Protected media File)

Previewing PPMF files
Listing & previewing PPMF files (password required)

PPMF file is an encrypted file container with AES-256 encryption and can be played just like regular media file when password provided. No delay, no temp file, no cache. On the fly data decryption is used while PPMF file is being played. PPMF file contains encrypted media, poster image, video thumbnails, tags, subtitles (image or text based subtitles), rating, original file name, media codec information etc. PPMF file is an encrypted file container, so it is lossless, when you know password of PPMF file, you can extract original data whenever you want without any data loss including original file name, file creation time, file last access time etc. Some data of PPMF file can be editable (password required) such as rating, tags, poster image, you can add subtitle files (SRT, SUB, IDX, SAMI etc.)

Download PPMF creator & player below

Warning: if you lost password of PPMF file, there is no way to recover, decrypt, play or guess the content of PPMF file.
Kiss that file(s) goodbye.

Features of PPMF file

  • Prevent others from accessing your private media files with a password (video and audio files, media format including HEVC, x265).
  • You can decrypt (extract) original media file without any data loss whenever you want (see sample usage video below)
  • PPMF file can be played just like regular media file when password provided. No delay, no temp file, no cache. On the fly data decryption is used while PPMF file is being played
  • AES-256 Encryption is used to create password protected media file, (password strength should be rated at least three stars)
  • PPMF files can be listed with poster images (see image above)
  • You can rate PPMF files and sort them by rating
  • You can tag your PPMF file with related words
  • You can perform search by original file name, title, tags, artist etc.
  • You can change poster of PPMF file at any time. (poster from file, from video thumbnails, or from snapshot while it is being played)
  • PPMF files supports embedding subtitles too. PPMF file can be watched with subtitles. Subtitle files that file name start with video file name will be embedded in to PPMF file automatically.
  • You can add to or extract subtitles from PPMF files. (supports text based (srt, sub, etc.) and image based subtitles (sub, idx pairs))
  • You can preview PPMF files with poster images or moving your mouse cursor on poster image to see video thumbnails respectively
  • When you move mouse on progress bar on video player, you can see thumbnail image belongs to time position under cursor. (see sample usage video below)
  • You can change password of PPMF files, or create copy of them with different password for distribution, or you want to share it in this way you do not have to share your original password.
  • Creating PPMF file is almost as fast as copying a file.
  • Original file name will be replaced with randomly generated filename on disk, PPMF files can be listed with original filenames

Creating PPMF files and Playing PPMF files (sample usage video)

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Requirements: Windows XP or later, .NET Framework 4.0 (32-bit/64-bit)

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